The Very Best Of Italian Jewelry And Silver Objects

The history of Buccellati, Best Of Italian Jewelry And Silver Objects

Buccellati is one of the brands known for its textural gold jewelry and exquisite silver objects. As one of the oldest Italian jewelry brands operating from the 1920s to the 1960s, their pieces are bold and instantly recognizable. 

A Brand That Dates To The Mid-18th Century

Buccellati first began manufacturing jewelry in the mid-eighteenth century when the founder, Contardo Buccellati, worked as a goldsmith in Milan. In 1903, an heir, Mario Buccellati revived the family tradition when he began apprenticing at Milan’s prestigious company Beltrami & Beltrami.  His talent was quickly noted and he became well know.
He sold every piece of jewelry he designed and executed. Some of his clients were Spanish aristocracy and royal families. As the years went by, Buccellati created the brand, gaining an even bigger following in Italy and abroad. 
The history of Buccellati, Best Of Italian Jewelry And Silver Objects
After Mario Buccellati’s death in 1967, his brothers Lorenzo and Frederico split the business and managed the central stores in Italy. They also established other locations in the end of the 20th century including Hong Kong, Japan, Monte Carlo and Paris.

The Engraving Techniques Making The Brand Special

Buccellati  style is most closely associated with rich textural quality and the premium texture-engraving. The brand always used engraving techniques such as rigato (parallel lines cut onto the surface), telato (texture obtained by cross-hatched lines), segrinato (engraving in all directions), ornato (decoration based on nature forms), modellato (reproducing several designs in three dimensions) and other similar techniques.
The history of Buccellati, Best Of Italian Jewelry And Silver Objects
All of the Buccellati jewelry is created to look and feel like silk, lace, damask, tulle or linen. The use of mixed metals such as silver and gold as well as platinum and gold is also typical. If there are any gemstones used, they are unusual and include carved emeralds, rubies and rose-cut diamonds.


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