Bulgari (Bvlgari): Timeless Handmade Jewelry And Luxury Goods

Bulgari is one of the most popular jewelry brands ever founded and is a well known luxury brand that has locations around the world. Currently, in addition to jewelry, luxury goods, clothing and accessories are also available.

A Brief History Of Bulgari


In 1857, a fellow named Sotirio Voulgaris was producing silversmith art from a small village in the Pindus mountains. Voulgaris was proud to have acquired  his fine skill as a result of generations dating back to the Byzantine Era. His family were silversmiths specializing in unique silver earrings, sword sheaths and belt buckles. In attempts to keep the tradition in the mainstay, Voulgaris distinguished himself as an artist and entrepreneur.
After moving to Corfu (an island in Greece) and then Naples, Voulgaris opened his first store in Rome in 1884. As the business grew, he Italianized his name to Bulgari which is the phonetic version of his Greek family name and adopted Bulgari as his company name. 
The business was later left to Voulgaris’ sons, Constantino and Georgio. The prime address was meant to appeal to aristocracy and well-heeled British and American tourists. However, the brand had many admirers and began to build its reputation for luxurious and well-crafted Greek and Roman jewelry designs.

A New Era In Jewelry Design

History of Bulgari (Bvlgari): Timeless Handmade Jewelry & Luxury Goods

After Voulgaris’ death in 1932, the sons ushered a new era in the Bulgari brand history and introduced the unique pink and beige Italian marble which later became a hallmark of the future retail stores. The logo was also updated to the now-iconic BVLGARI which used the Roman alphabet where the ‘U’ became ‘V’. This is why the brand name was still pronounced with a U-sound (bull-gur-ee).
From being “on-trend”, the brand transformed to being true trendsetters. They turned to architecture and inspired their new collections. As part of their creative vision, they broke away from the French jewelry trends and began incorporating large, colorful and un-faceted gemstones into impressive pieces.
History of Bulgari (Bvlgari): Timeless Handmade Jewelry & Luxury Goods


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