Introducing Fresh And New Styles

History Of The Modern Jewelry Era: Introducing Fresh And New Styles Cartier panther

“Every time has the jewelry it deserves.” Modern jewelry, which comprises of jewelry produced from the 1960's forward has been a very creative time for design.  Artists have continued to gain acceptance in the luxury markets and stylish, wealthy women shop for the latest designs in fashion and jewelry.

Modern jewelry in general can be thought of as bold, authentic and unique.  There are more jewelers and artists than at any other time in history and jewelry is designed for formal, casual and daily wear.  

History Of The Modern Jewelry Era: Introducing Fresh And New Styles Cartier necklace

The American and French designers are still regarded as leaders of  the fashion industry. They dictate trends and include the well-known designers Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Mauboussin and Boucheron.

Fresh, New Styles

Many jewelry designs of the 1950s underwent radical changes in the years and decades to follow. Fresh, new styles offered designers and their clientele opportunity for distraction from the WWII era.  Materials and craftsmen were again available to the public and the prosperity of America in the post-war years increased the demand for new fashion and jewelry pieces.

There have been many focal points of design in the modern era. Some of the most prominent designs include Cartier’s “Sputnik” which reflected the nation’s fascination with the new frontiers in space. Textured gold became popular as well and many new techniques employed in jewelry design such as reeding, fluting and piercing became industry standards.

In short, the modern jewelry era features designs that are more sophisticated than ever before. There is gold jewelry without gemstones while gemstone pieces are mainly reserved for night and formal events. Some of the most popular stones include amethyst, turquoise, coral and pearls for daywear.

History Of The Modern Jewelry Era: Introducing Fresh And New Styles van cleef tiger

Organic Shapes With Detailed Surfaces

Modern jewelry has taken animal and floral motifs to the next level. From panthers to serpents and fish, there are many different motifs utilized by some of the world’s most popular jewelry designers such as Cartier, David Webb, Tiffany & Co. and others. Jewelry is both produced and imported in many countries around the world.

Many artists use organic shapes with jagged edges, detailed surfaces and more sophisticated detailing and cutting techniques. Color is significant also because stones are used for their hues rather than their value. Flowers, feathers, pendants, and diamond jewelry is still widely available, however, there are also many affordable alternatives to expensive precious jewelry.


History Of The Modern Jewelry Era: Introducing Fresh And New Styles van clef earrings



Modern jewelry gave birth to some of the most stunning pieces. While being original on their own, many jewelry designers incorporated timeless concepts of previous jewelry eras and used new technologies and materials. There are more wealthy customers than ever before who have replaced the royalty of earlier times.