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1970's Large Sapphire Topaz Multi Gemstone 18 Karat Gold Sputnik Pendant

  • Designed as a hollow polished gold sphere with bezel set gemstones throughout
  • Including amethyst, citrine, tourmaline, topaz, sapphire, aquamarine and tanzanite
  • Of varying cuts, shapes and colors
  • Stamped 18K
  • Diameter: Approx. 1 1/4 Inches
  • Total Weight: 20.0 Grams
  • Futuristic. Innovative. Iconic. 


The Sputnik 1 satellite was launched in 1957 by the Soviet Union, remaining in a low Earth orbit until its incineration. Sputnik was designed as a highly polished metal sphere with four long antennas sticking straight out. This unique form inspired many artists to create futuristic, space, and science themed jewelry. 


Stock Number: We- 3186


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